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This one is a classic varietal for coffee purists who only do the black filtered thing.  Why is that?  Because Caturras normally have a distinctive citrus acidity and balance the sweetness with pleasant cacao notes.  However, we enjoy Caturras in our Lattes and Flat Whites.  In a filter coffee, this is the closest to perfection.  Some Caturras, if produced with care and a bit of experimentation at farm level, can even bring more funky acidities like passion fruit or blood orange.

when it is process under natural standards can develop a divine fruity and red berries flavor inherited from coffee cherry pulp and skin

This varietal developed in Brazil in the 60’s, and when moved to the Colombian cloudy mountains it simply thrived.  Caturra trees produce more beans than Typicas.  Caturra means “small” in Portuguese and its small size is valued by farmers as it means they can plant more trees in the same area and get a higher yield.  Caturra beans are rounder than Typica or Borbón, with high ends and a   depressed centre.  The groove in the middle is small and some beans don’t even present a groove.  The edge of the slope is not very pronounced and the flat part of the bean is irregular.  

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