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Coffee grower

     Juan Felipe Restrepo 




     1700 m.a.s.l.

Chambaku is located at Villamaría in Caldas, with altitude of 1465 m.a.s.l.. Elmer Restrepo and his two sons Juan Felipe & Juan Alejandro, are now managing Chambaku. Chambaku used to focus only on tradition variety and processing, until Juan Felipe Restrepo has return to the farm with his Q processing certificate, they started to grow special varieties like pink bourbon and catiope too. Apart from building their own bioreactor for doing different controlled fermentations, he even built a lab to extract and cultivate all the bacteria and yeast needed for facilitating their fermentation. In order to have a better cup profile, Juan Felipe Restrepo understands the importance of slow and proper drying, he has a small sample drying machine to decide the drying profile before putting the whole lot into the big silo for batch mechanical drying. He has also transformed their tradition drying area to a double height 3-level canopies for carrying out a more even and organized drying process.



           Anaerobic Natural



Description Process

After handpicking and floated only the ripe coffee cherries, the coffee has been through 190 Hours of fermentation in a bioreactor. The sugar in mossto (a juice came out by compressing the coffee cherries) together with bacteria, which is a tasteless probiotic that were cultivated in their own lab, were both showered into the bioreactor. The sugar content in the mossto would act as an activator to provide energy for the bacteria, which could help to facilitate fermentation to bring a better body and more desirable fermentation result to the coffee. After completing the fermentation, it was dried in canopies for 5-7days and then carried out mechanical drying in silo at 45 degrees Celsius for 72 hours.

Tasting note 

Blackberry, Whiskey, Maraschino Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Caramel

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