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     Gedeo Yirgacheffe 

Coffee grower

     Tamirat Dukale





Tamirat Dukale, the eldest son of a long time coffee farming family based in Idido town of Yirgacheffe county in Ethiopia, dropped out of school at a young age to start coffee farming. He
currently manages a 4-hectare coffee farm and produces an outstanding sun dried natural coffee.Tamirat grew up working on the farm. Tamirat loved the work and was good at it.

Tamirat joined the Jabanto farmers group in 2022 and is one of the few young coffee farmers in the group. His time with the group will help him to have access to coffee knowledge, information,finance and market. Tamirat is dedicated to his work and wants to improve his coffee year after year. He collaborates closely with the local agricultural bureau to get support on recent coffee knowledge, improved coffee varieties, and more.






Description Process

After being hand-picked, ripe red coffee cherries are dried for 18-21 days on a raised bed made of bamboo mats. To ensure even drying, the cherries are turned six times a day. After eight days,when the cherry has lost most of its moisture, farmers start covering the cherries with nylon mesh and plastic at night to prevent the dried cherry from absorbing moisture. The moisture level of the beans is monitored from the 15th day, and the cherries are removed from the bed when the beans reach a moisture level of 9.5% to 10.5%. The quality of a coffee lot is influenced by the natural processing technique, as well as the complex interactions between soil, rainfall distribution,temperature, shade, and the genetic makeup of the varieties.

Tasting note 

White Flower·Bergamot·Apple·Earl Gray Tea

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