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Coffee grower

Guillermo Alvarez


San Jose   


1650 ~1800 masl


Chinchina, Caldas 

San Jose 

The Ron coffee have been choose carefully, It is fermented , washed and is classified in gutter and sun dry.

Once the coffee is properly sun dry is taken to barrels of Colombian oak, which have remaibed at least 12 years with rum in aging, for a time that goes up to 2 ~ 3 months according to the weather, environment humidity,  quality controls that are performed monthly to give the point. Every 30 days, a sample is drawn from each barrel which is analyzed and prepared for profiling and is qualified by experts until it is time to remove from the barrels.

When the coffee is serve hot it leaves an unparalleled residual flavor; Nevertheless,  it displays great attributes and it draws attention to the people that is when it is served cold.

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